We would be pleased to organize a private guided tour for you in Rabat (half day) ! Below are the sites we will be visiting :

Tourist Guide (1/2 day) : 55 Euros – 600 MAD

Tourist Guide with car (1/2 day) : 90 Euros – 1000 MAD


Bab Al Kasbah :
This 12th century gate is the largest at the Oudaya’s Kadbah. It is ornated with balanced decorations and its horseshoe shape relates to the Almohade period


Oudaya’s Kasbah:
Features museums, an andalusian garden as well as its famous Maure Café. Besides being a impenetrable Fortress, this Kasbah also hosts the most ancient Mosques and minaret in Rabat (built in 1150).


Hassan Tower : majestically overlooking the Bouregreg river, this tower would have been over 80 meters tall if it were completed. Indeed, at the passing of Sultan Yacoub Mansour, its construction was halted at half the height initially intended. It is surrounded by 350 columns.


Mohamed V Mausoleum :
Royal guards are posted at the entrance to the plaza where stand the Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of King Mohamed V. Memory of two kings is so honored in the same place: a great builder and warrior training time in the country, another state 20th century man led the nation’s’ indépendance.


Chellah NecropolisIt was a Roman city and a busy port, the Ist and IInd century BC


Royal Palace Mechouar Mechouar  : with its courtyard, gardens and Mosque


La Villa des Arts :Features colonial architecture, a library and art gallery


Rabat’s Médina :
full of shopping streets and traditional artisans. You will also find the famous “Rue des Consuls” with its bazaars.